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Death Run 3D

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About Death Run 3D


Death Run 3D is a dynamic reaction game to avoid a series of obstacles with amazing speed. Are you mentally prepared to conquer the highest score in this game?

In this fast paced game, you will experience four tracks along with four different levels. The levels that you will conquer are Maelstrom, Superluminal, Hyper Maelstrom, and Hyper Superluminal. On one level you will experience different obstacle courses. If you are new to the game then Maelstrom will be the easiest level for you to get used to. Starting from the Superluminal level the difficulty will gradually increase. When you have passed all the skills, the final skill Hyper Superluminal will be a big challenge for you. Do not hesitate but try through all the levels to have a perfect reflex skill.

Experience the game you will feel the adrenaline rush when you run in the tunnel at extremely fast and dangerous speeds. Note that this hidden tunnel is full of dangerous obstacles. Although these obstacles not only move, their location is also unpredictable. If you are not careful you will crash into them immediately and the run will be over. Use your fingers and focus your attention to move left, right, up, or down to avoid them at all costs. Focus at all costs because just a little carelessness will cause you to crash with obstacles. Therefore, try your best to go as far as possible and get the highest score. The game allows you to invite your friends to play Death Run 3D with you and challenge them to see who will get the highest score.


  • Addictive fast paced game
  • Reflex skills and concentration are essential when playing
  • Familiar first-person perspective
  • Survive as long as possible
  • Claim your skills by topping the leaderboard

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How to play

  • Use WASD keys or arrow keys to move through the tunnel.

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