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Apple Worm

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About Apple Worm


Apple Worm is a fascinating arcade game based on the puzzle theme. Control your character to collect an apple and overcome terrains. Reach the portal to win.

Controlling the Worm character has never been easy. In this game, your main character is a worm. However, this worm is very special. It has a green body, large eyes, and pink lips. Its eyes are invariably dull. This adds humor to the appearance of the Worm character. You may wonder if Worm is sleep deprived or because it seems silly. In particular, while controlling, Worm can lie on his back, curl up in narrow crevices or fall into space. The actions are simple but it creates a lot of entertainment. Use the arrow keys or WASD to control this worm. Note that it cannot go backward. Therefore, sometimes you need to take detours.

About the game's missions

These black space portals are your destination. It could be anywhere. Each level is a different position. Besides, the terrain of each level is increasingly difficult. You will face many challenges while playing this puzzle game. Use your own tactics to steer the Worm to its destination. Avoid falling into space. In particular, there is an apple on the map. You can eat it to increase body length. The map has many blanks. It would help if you had enough length to get through these gaps. The game gives you some stone blocks. You can move these blocks to move easily. In addition, there are game rounds with spikes. You need to avoid colliding with these dangerous objects to continue the game. You can play this game many times. Press the R key to restart.

Released in January 2022 by Gibson, this game quickly attracted the attention of many players. Although the graphics are simple and classic, this game has attractive gameplay with many challenges.

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