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Super Mario Halloween

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About Super Mario Halloween


Super Mario Halloween fun game on Halloween. Help Mario shoot fireballs to destroy monsters, collect hiding places and stars to progress through the levels.

Night falls is also the time when dangerous monsters, dangerous cannibal flowers appear. Mario's task is to use fireballs to destroy all dangerous monsters that appear on Halloween night. Each Mario game will have 5 fireballs, take advantage of the fireballs, aim the correct shot to destroy all with 5 corresponding balls. In addition to destroying the monsters, you need to help Mario collect all the mushrooms and stars that appear to win the absolute score. Levels will repeat if you still haven't finished.
The game is divided into 2 game modes "easy" and "hard". Each mode has 6 levels for you to explore and conquer. In "hard" mode you need to complete the first 3 levels to unlock the remaining 3 levels.

Features of Super Mario Halloween

  • Exciting, vivid, Halloween-style 2D graphics
  • Challenging levels with increasing difficulty, need to be flexible in each challenge to be able to make the most of the fireball.

How to play

Use the mouse to drag and shoot according to the preset line of sight.

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