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Ninja Legend

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About Ninja Legend


Ninja Legend is an exciting action and arcade game in which you have to eliminate all enemies and prevent their attacks while upgrading your skills.

In this game, you will transform into a ninja to fight and protect yourself. Your mission is to slide up and down to adjust the angle. When the enemy attacks the protagonist, click the Shield Button to trigger a perfect block. Exterminate all your opponents to complete a level. You will get a chance to choose one of the three skills after passing a level. For example, select continuous throw skills to throw one round of weapons, killing blade skills to cause huge damage, or sharp blade to increase critical strike probability. Besides that, there are some skills such as catapult, splitting blade, and rebirth flame. Pick the skill you want to become stronger! Note that you can watch videos randomly to upgrade a skill twice.

Moreover, you can equip new types of equipment and unlock the Treasure Pavilion when finishing your missions. You can receive the three treasure chests for free every day, let's click on the first treasure chest to have a look.

Features of Ninja Legend

  • Thrilling action and adventure game
  • Equip new types of weapons, unlock the treasure chests and choose upgraded skills
  • Various levels with many opponents

How to control

Press, hold, and slide your mouse up and down to adjust the angle.

Release your mouse to attack.

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