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Super Ryona World

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About Super Ryona World


Super Ryona World is a fun adventure game with two girls, Macy and Lucy. Enjoy exciting levels along with dangerous obstacles. Join alone or with your friends. Magical hats may be found in the Flower Kingdom, and they offer their wearers magical abilities. Ryona, the Queen of Flower Kingdom, is claimed to have received the three most powerful wizard hats. Skull, a skeleton, stole the wizard hats one night. Play as Ryona's children, Macy and Lucy, to recover the stolen headgear. Platforming, swimming, leaping, sprinting, fireballs, and avoiding are all entertaining levels to play!

How to play

In-game Controls:

Player 1:

  • Enter: Pause Game
  • WASD: Movement
  • V: Run/Fireball/Hold Items
  • B: Jump (Hold for higher jumps)

Player 2:

  • Arrow Keys: Movement
  • O: Run/Fireball/Hold Items
  • P: Jump (Hold for higher jumps)

Controls one player:

  • WASD OR Arrow Keys - Movement
  • B key OR P - Start Level

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