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Metal Army War 3

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About Metal Army War 3


Let's protect the Earth in Metal Army War 3 now. Transform into two brave heroes and fight against aliens to save as many hostages as possible.

While the two heroes are enjoying their holiday, they receive a call. They are asked to return to the Earth now because the aliens are attacking the Earth. They kidnapped many innocent people on Earth. You and your friend must play as two heroes and join the thrilling wars now. You are equipped with a powerful gun and many grenades. You must use them to shoot down enemies and destroy traps and AI assistants. Note that you must stay away from rivals when shooting them. This helps you not to lose your blood. If your blood bar is empty, you will die. You will return to the checkpoint after dying. Therefore do not worry too much. Besides, you should collect as many tokens as possible during the fight.

All levels and difficulties of Metal Army War 3

There are a total of 19 challenging levels in this game. Keep in mind that the higher the level, the stronger and more aliens you must encounter. Therefore, you should use your tokens to buy more powerful weapons and new lives. Additionally, this game has three levels of difficulty including Normal, Hard, and Extreme. Are you brave enough to challenge yourself to the extreme level?

After winning all fights in this game, I suggest you check out other more exciting games on 2 Player Games. Invite your friends to play them with you if you find them interesting.

How to control


Use the WASD keys to move.

Use a C key to hit and hold it to make a powerful hit.

Use a V to throw grenades.

Use a W key to jump or walk on the wall.

Use a Q or E to switch your weapon.

Use Q and E keys for a special attack.

Use the X key to reload ammo.


Use the arrow keys to move.

Use an L key to hit and hold it to make a powerful hit.

Use a K to throw grenades.

Use an up arrow key to jump or walk on the wall.

Use an O or P to switch your weapon.

Use O and P keys for a special attack.

Use the J key to reload ammo.

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