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Super Mario vs Wario

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About Super Mario vs Wario


Join the fiery race with Mario and Wario in the classic game Super Mario vs Wario. Mario needs to overcome the obstacles and reach the finish line before Wario win.

In the game, there are two main characters, Mario and Wario, but you should focus on Mario and start controlling him. Starting the game the villain Wario will be one jump ahead of Mario. Because the objects make Mario invisible, the main goal of the player is to guide Mario through each level, which includes various obstacles and traps, and to control Mario through the Wario quickly. Complete each level in the allotted time. Try to jump over the walls to pass Wario easily, otherwise, you will have to control Mario back to the beginning. Because Mario will always move left or right regardless of approaching dangers, the player takes control of the fairy Wanda, who can change the environment to protect Mario.

Mario may also be turned around and reversed in his direction by clicking on him. When the level is finished, the player receives points for fighting monsters, collecting objects, and any leftover time.

Mario & Wario has a total of 100 levels spread across ten different environments, including the forest, desert, and underwater, each with its own set of opponents and perils. Join the game to explore and enjoy the exciting entertainment space.

In additions, you can play Super Mario Bros and world of Mario games free online.

How to play

Use arrow keys to move left, right, and jump high.

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