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Ultimate Mario Run

18 votes 4.8/5

About Ultimate Mario Run


Play Ultimate Mario Run - an exciting platform game that takes inspiration from the Super Mario Bros.

You'll have to run compete against the clock, and the giant black cannonball that is chasing you – cannonball eat everything in their way, even the levels they are playing. The Mario retro 2D pixel or the revamped 3D Mario character is available – there are a total of 6 stages with a different set of obstacles and platforms.

Mario applies the normal game mechanics – you need to gather coins and climb over the cartoon foes to destroy them. Watch for blocks of questions and break them to collect more power.


Ultimate Mario Run is developed by Clarus Games.

In additions, you can play Super Mario Bros and world of Mario games free online.

How to play

  • Left and right arrow to move
  • Up arrow to jump

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