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Slope Run

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About Slope Run


Slope Run is a fascinating adventure game based on the running theme. You have to control a ball to jump over platforms while avoiding falling into space.

Control your ball using the arrow keys. Press the up arrow key to jump and the left and right arrow keys to move sideways. It is easy to move. Your task is to jump from platform to platform to move forward. In this game, you run in a tunnel with countless space holes. You can run continuously forward but sometimes you need to jump to the side wall of the tunnel to avoid it. The holes are like a matrix. It makes you confused because they arrange randomly and give the player a challenge. Try to combine jumping and moving to different platforms to go as far as possible. The further you run, the higher your level. Besides, you can also participate in endless races with Infinite mode and put your name on the ranking of the top players on the server.

The game has many different branches. You can track that in the minimap. Each branch will give you different experiences like a Winter branch with a winter background with ice platforms or a Dark branch with a dark background of endless space. Let's pass each level and open new branches.

Features of Slope Run

  • Attractive gameplay and easy controls
  • 2 modes: Level and Infinite Modes
  • Unlock new branches

How to control

  • Press the up arrow key to jump
  • Press the right and left arrow keys to move to the two sides.

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