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Utoo 2

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About Utoo 2


Utoo 2 is an intriguing adventure game for singleplayer. Your mission is to control your character using arrow keys. Jump over obstacles and reach the exit.

What is Utoo World?

Have you heard of Utoo World? The world of Utoo is a land of lovable cubes. These characters come in different colours. In particular, there are cubes characters that can fly. However, a dangerous virus has spread. The world of Utoo becomes scary with evil characters. The cubes are no longer healthy. They go crazy and will attack everyone. The last remaining character is Green cubes. Let's transform into this character to find a cure for all residents in Utoo World.

This game is set in the fantasy Utoo World. There, there are green hills and trees. Besides, this land has many valuable resources. However, you will see different terrains. There are deep pits and high mountains. Can you overcome the terrain of this Utoo world?

What is your mission?

Your task is to control Green to overcome all obstacles. Move to the exit to complete the level. There are various obstacles. Jump over deep holes. Jump over the crazy cubes. The spicy cubes will move without any rules. When these cubes are normal, they will move slowly. However, when they do get sick, they move quickly. You should be careful when cubes turn into crazy conditions. In addition, you can face flying cubes. They can fly high or fly low. You can jump over low-flying cubes and get over high-flying cubes. You just need to make sure it's safe for you.

This game has 8 different levels. You need to complete the previous level to unlock the next level. Good luck!

How to control: Use arrow keys to move.

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