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Super Jesse Pink

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About Super Jesse Pink


Super Jesse Pink is a fun adventure game. In the game, you will overcome many obstacles, transform to defeat the animals in the way, and collect gold coins.

In the game, pick up coins by jumping over blocks and break some blocks on the ground to get extra bonuses. Defeat birds and monsters that are moving on the ground by jumping on them. In addition, other dangerous obstacles like man-eating flowers are waiting for you in the next levels. They are very dangerous, but they are also a means for you to continue your adventure. Therefore, seize the opportunity when passing by those fearsome man-eating flowers. Along the way, earn more lives and coins by picking them up. The more you collect, the higher your score. Hit those hazards enough times and it's game over - so be careful out there!

The game has 15 special levels for you to explore, in each level will appear different dangerous obstacles. Collect more lives and magical transformations to defeat obstacles and continue to the next level.

Super Jesse Pink is a game in the Arcade genre that is frequently connected with Mario and Pixel games. It's a landscape game that can be played on both desktop and mobile devices.

How to play

  • Move: Arrow Keys
  • Jump: Z
  • Shoot: X (when available)


  • Move: WASD
  • Jump: K
  • Shoot: J (when available)

Mobile Use touch buttons

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