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Stickman Parkour

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About Stickman Parkour


Stickman Parkour is an exciting action and adventure game. In this game, you have to control your stickman to overcome platforms to reach the destination.

Control your character using the arrow keys or the WAD keys. Use the up arrow or the W key to jump. Use right and left arrow keys or AD keys to move sideways. Note that you should combine jumping and moving to either side to control your character jumping from platform to platform. Only with such control can you jump over the gap between platforms. Try to jump over the platforms safely and reach the finish line. At the destination, there is an exit to help you move to the next level.

The game has many levels with many different maps. Please control your character well to conquer all levels. Note that in the levels the platforms are different. Platforms can be big or small, they can be far away or close together. In particular, you can see the green striped backgrounds. These platforms will help you jump higher. Take advantage of this to jump through the platforms as best you can. Complete as many levels as possible! Good luck!

Features of Stickman Parkour

  • Classic graphics and easy controls
  • Various levels
  • The main stickman character

How to control

Use the W key or the up arrow key to jump

Use AD keys or the left and right arrow keys to move to two sides

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