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About Mr.Superfire


Mr.Superfire is an active game where you are a professional gunner. Your task is to destroy the enemy base and you have to be attacked by many enemies.

If you love shooting games, Mr.Superfire will offer an eye-catching gunfight. In this game, you have to shoot many enemies. They also attack you, so try your best to avoid their bullets. There are many iron objects, you can use them as a shield to avoid the bullets. When you come close to the enemies, your character will automatically shoot them. When the enemies are killed, they drop some useful items like coins, medkits, keys, and upgrade parts, for you. Let's collect all of them, the coins can be used to buy some types of equipment or upgrade your weapons like guns. There are many different levels for you to play. Try your best to pass all the levels and get as many coins as you can.

Why don't you click on the Mr.Superfire game to have an incredible experience and have fun? Good luck!

Features of Mr.Superfire

  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • Fun and exciting game with many levels
  • Kill the enemies

How to control

Use arrow keys to move and jump, press the upper arrow key two times to jump twice.

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