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Hug And Kis City

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About Hug And Kis City


Hug And Kis City is a fascinating arcade game for 2 players. Your mission is to overcome monsters and obstacles, collect coins and escape from a maze.

Control two characters, including Blue and Pink, to reach the exit and complete the level. Use WASD to steer the pink character and use arrow keys to guide the Blue character. On your way, there are various obstacles and threats requiring you to jump over to avoid losing. Jump over monsters, and zombies and avoid touching sharp thorns. If you don’t do these activities, the game will end and you need to restart this level. You can replay a level countlessly until you move to the destination safely.

Are you ready to participate in this adventure game? Remember to collect gold coins and keys to open the exit and escape from the maze. You can make the Hug And Kis City become easier by inviting your friends to play together instead of playing alone.

Tips to Hug And Kis City

  • Calculate precise timing to jump over obstacles
  • Jump and move forward simultaneously to jump over moving monsters
  • Move characters one by one

How to control

Blue character: arrow keys to move

Pink character: WASD to move

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