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Cookie Clicker City

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About Cookie Clicker City


Build a modern city in the game Cookie Clicker City. Click to create a large number of cakes, which in turn unlock new structures, people, and items.

Rich mansions, people, and animals are waiting for you to use to fill the empty land in the game. The only thing you can do to create a busy city is to bake a large number of cakes. The foundation to turn your primitive land into modern times is the biggest pie on screen.

Your easy goal is to click on the biggest cake on the screen to create an unlimited number of different cakes. The number of cakes is displayed on the arrival setting of the system in real-time and is displayed directly on the land where the largest cake is placed. The more cakes you have, the more architectural items you can buy.

In the game, there are a total of five different development eras.

You have up to 18 structures at your disposal to assist you in expanding your city and increasing production efficiency. In this game, there are over 600 upgrades to get and 700 milestones to reach. There is also a slew of intriguing ideas awaiting exploration.

How to play

  • To make a large number of cakes, click on the largest cake.
  • Click the house icon to purchase the structures you want.
  • Click the arrow icon to upgrade.
  • Click on the cup symbol to admire your city's achievements.
  • Click the wheel symbol to customize the game according to your tastes.

When you're playing, there's a tip that you should try to store cookies and increase the number of cookies you get after each click to get more.


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