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Capture the Chicken

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About Capture the Chicken


Capture the Chicken is a hero adventure game. Dangerous chickens are attacking you along the way, capturing them and objects on the way. Wish success!

Ariel's hens had been chased out of the coop. Can you assist Ariel in capturing the stray hens? On the screen, a certain region will show in front of you, where your hero will be. You may compel him to move ahead by using the control keys. Ariel will encounter a variety of traps and obstacles along the route. You'll find apples and other valuable stuff strewn over the place. You'll have to assist the boy in collecting them all. Approach a chicken and touch it with your special sword. From there, you will add it to your inventory and get a bonus.

Ariel has the ability to conjure magical bubbles that send the hens back to their roost. You'll have to run after the chickens and get close enough to cast a bubble around them. Can you follow the chickens and find out who opened the coop and chased the chickens away?

How to play

  • Use the Z key to jump
  • Use key X to start
  • Use SPACE key to shoot


  • Use WASD to move and jump
  • Use the J key to start
  • Use K key to shoot

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